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How Soon Is An Amazon MCF Order Processed?
How Soon Is An Amazon MCF Order Processed?

Any Idea Of How Long It Takes For An Amazon MCF Order To Ship?

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We thoroughly understand that you're concerned about your Amazon MCF order fulfillment. However, you need to be aware of the Amazon’s fulfillment network. Amazon will transfer the stock between warehouse(s) before providing it to the carrier, at the warehouse which will be closest to the customer.

If you set the FBA Shipping Speed as Standard, MCF order(s) could take up to 3-5 days to get a tracking number. But remember, it is getting moved to a warehouse closest to the customer.

If you are using Auto-fulfill orders via FBA for a marketplace, we recommend that you always upgrade your FBA Shipping Speed to Expedited.

Also be aware that Expedited is NO 2 day delivery. It is faster than Standard, but you should usually get the shipping notification within the 2 days. It still might take another couple days for delivery.

NOTE: This option NOT for MCF orders to be delivered to PO boxes.

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