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Barcode For Locations In Your Warehouse
Barcode For Locations In Your Warehouse

Create A Barcode For Any Location Within Your Warehouse To Store Your Items.

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When you start using SellerChamp you may want to get your warehouse setup so you can put items in locations throughout it. Here's how to do it.

  1. Go into your inventory and click 'More Action - > Assign Item Locations'. The following box will popup:

2. You can then enter your locations into the 'Location to Assign' field and click the Printer Dialogue box and print the barcodes for each of your locations out. Continue this process until all your warehouse locations have labels like the one below:

As you add new locations you will repeat this process. You will now be able to use these barcodes to assign items to the locations you've created with a scanner if you need to. 

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