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Bulk Upload Items Into a Manifest using CSV File.
Bulk Upload Items Into a Manifest using CSV File.

This article will demonstrate how to to bulk upload your items inside a manifest using CSV file.

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There are four different ways through which you can add items into a manifest:

  • Scan items one-by-one

  • Add an item manually

  • Copy items from another selling channel

  • Bulk-upload a CSV file.

In this article, we will discuss how to bulk-upload a CSV file. You can bulk-upload a CSV file to add new items as well as to update existing items in a manifest.

Bulk Upload New Items Using a CSV File

Follow the below instructions to use a CSV file to upload new items into a manifest:

  1. Within your manifest, make sure you are within the Add New Items section and click on the Upload button

2. You'll now see the Upload Items popup

We highly recommend to download the Items template and fill it in with data you have

3. Once you have the file ready, under the Upload CSV file section, click the "Choose File" button and select the file from your computer.

4. Click to blue 'Upload' button to upload the items

Bulk Upload Existing Items Using a CSV File

For this process, your CSV file will require to have the SKUs for your items.

  • For uploading existing inventory items to your manifest you'll need to download the inventory report with your items and their respective SKUs

  • For making bulk updates to your items within the same manifest, you can download the current manifest report, modify the columns within the file and upload the same file to the same manifest by following the above steps

NOTE: The value you specify inside the 'Quantity' column will be added to the quantities of the existing items. If you wish to increase the quantities, remove or zero-out the values inside the 'Quantity' column before uploading the file.

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