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Learn how to add additional user accounts

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The number of user accounts that can add will depend on the subscription plan.

  • Starter plan: 1 user (admin only)

  • Builder plan: 1 user (admin only)

  • Business plan: 5 users (admin + 4)

  • Enterprise plan: UNLIMITED users

User access and Permission

The following user access levels and permission can be setup:

  • Users with limited access

  • Users who have been granted admin access

What is the difference between a user with limited access and a user who has been granted admin access?

A user who has been granted admin access will be able to go into the SellerChamp Settings page.

However, a user with limited access will not have permission to the SellerChamp Settings page.

As the SellerChamp account holder or a user who has been granted admin access, follow the below steps to set up and manage additional users:

Step 1: From the SellerChamp home page, click on the Settings option from the right hand side top corner

Step 2: From the left hand menu options, click on User Accounts

Add A New User

In order to add a new user, click on the + Add Account button.

Edit / Delete Existing User(s)

Use any one of the action buttons:

  • Edit user (Icon with the pen) - Will allow admin to edit details of an existing user

  • Delete user (Icon with the trash can) - Will delete an existing user

Update the following information for the user:

  • Name of the new user

  • Email address for new user access

  • Password for new user

  • Confirm Password (Re-type the user Password as entered above)

  • Check box to decide whether the new user should be granted admin access or not

Click on the Save Changes button once done

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