Locate Your SellerChamp Marketplace Manifests
Find And Organize All Your SellerChamp Marketplace Manifests.
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After login, from your SellerChamp account home screen:

  • Click the Manifest option (Option 1)


  • Click the View Manifests tile (Option 2)

View your SellerChamp marketplace manifests

View your SellerChamp marketplace manifests

Find all your SellerChamp marketplace manifests here.

Your SellerChamp marketplace manifests

Towards the left of the screen

You'll find your manifest folders.

Use these folders to neatly organise your marketplace manifest(s).

All: This option will allow you to view all your SellerChamp marketplace manifests

Active: This option will contain the newest and most active manifests including the current one(s) you might be working with

  • Items that are copied over from the inventory or manifests page

  • Items that are imported from another marketplace

Will all be collected into a SellerChamp marketplace manifest and stored within the Channel Imports folder

Drafts and Archive folders can be used however you want:

  • You can store incomplete or in-progress manifests

  • Already used manifest

  • etc

+ Add Folder: Use this option to create a custom folder to store your SellerChamp marketplace manifests

SellerChamp marketplace manifest folders

Towards the right of the screen

You'll find:

+ Add Manifest button: Click this button to create your SellerChamp marketplace manifest

Search bar: Use the search bar to find a manifest within any of the folders from the left

NOTE: If you're not sure about which folder does your SellerChamp marketplace manifest belong to, you can search for the manifest within the All folder option

Show Deleted: The Show Deleted toggle switch will allow you to view and restore your previously deleted SellerChamp marketplace manifests

Add, search and view / restore deleted SellerChamp marketplace manifest

Towards the center

The manifest manipulation buttons will automatically appear once multiple manifests are selected

You can: 

Bulk delete and relocate SellerChamp marketplace manifests

In-line towards the right of the manifest

The manifest control buttons

  • Icon with a pen: Edit manifest button to update your manifest settings

  • Icon with a recycle bin: Delete manifest button to delete a manifest

Edit and delete SellerChamp marketplace manifest
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