Walmart Product Statuses

Understand The Item Status Within Your Walmart Seller Central Account.

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An item is an object for sale and this item that is sold is shared by many other sellers on Walmart.

The offer, which comprises of the price of the item, shipping costs / methods and return policy, all differ from seller to seller.

Walmart categorizes statuses into 2 main criteria's.

  • Published status

  • Life cycle status

As per Walmart, the published status refers to an item and the life cycle status refers to an offer.
Basically, the item on Walmart marketplace should be published with an active offer.

Item status:

  • System problem: The item cannot be published. This error has to be resolved with the assistance of a Walmart marketplace support specialist. Click here to learn more on how to contact Walmart support.

  • Unpublished: The item has been made unavailable on Walmart because of some back-end rules such as being without any inventory for too long or problems with the imagery.

  • In progress: The item is going through processing and there might be a chance that an error might occur

  • Ready to Publish: The item in in the final staging process prior to being published.

  • Published: The item is visible on the site and available for sale.

  • Stage: When an item is in the 'stage' status, it'll not show as published till the seller's account is live.

Published item offer status:

  • Archived: The offer has been in a retired status for over a year. To activate the status, upload the item as if you were uploading a new item with a future end date. This will automatically be honored and the item will be published.

  • Retired: The offer has moved past it's expiration date (as set in the discountinueDate field). The item is not visible for sale on Walmart. It can be activated by extending the expiration date.

  • Active: The offer of the item is active.

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