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Analyse Bulk Load Manifest Before Listing
Analyse Bulk Load Manifest Before Listing

Analyse Items Using Amazon Sales Rank.

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Are you wanting to buy a bulk pallet or overstock lot that you can sell on eBay or Amazon? Would you like to know how much profit you'd make by doing so?
Bottom line, you'd like to know if it's worth buying the lot...

With SellerChamp, we help you analyse a load (with multiple item types) without listing them on your marketplace.

Lets begin!

Once the new manifest has been created, click the Upload button within the same manifest.

This will open a pop up as shown below.
Basically, for us to be able to bulk upload items into a manifest, we need a details of those items.
Those items need be listed and uploaded as a .csv file.
You can download a template which has all the columns already listed for you. All you'll need to do is enter the details/ values as per the required format. Columns for which you do not have information about can be left blank or can entirely be deleted.

You can also create a .csv file with minimum columns with the below mentioned titles:

  • ASIN: To locate items

  • UPC: To locate items


  • ITEM CONDITION: Accepted values are: new, like_new, very_good, good, acceptable, refurbished, needs_work, salvage, unknown. Any other type of item condition will not be recognized by SellerChamp.

Click on the Choose File button > Select the .csv file from your local computer > Click the Upload button.
Uploading time will depend on the file size and number of items.

Once the items are uploaded within the manifest, you'll come to a screen as seen below.

Click on the INVALID option to be able to see all the items that have some or the other type of conflicts. Resolve all conflicts. Errors might range from not being able to find an item, or price range threshold limits to multiple items found with the same information. [TIP: In the event of multiple items been found using the information provided, use the items with the lowest sales rank to add to your inventory.]

Once all conflicts are resolved, click on the More Actions drop down button > click the View Summary option. 

Within a matter of few minutes you'll have a report, similar to something like the below screenshot:

Here you'll be able to analyse your bulk inventory even before actually listing it on your marketplace.
Analyse your items by price, sales rank, sellers, weight and category.

Once you've analysed, go back and click on the Submit to marketplace button.
Your items will be listed.

Happy selling!

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