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Learn How To Connect Your Amazon Account With SellerChamp.

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Select your Amazon Account region and click the Next button

Next, enter an account nickname

Click on the Connect to Amazon MWS button, login to your Amazon seller central account and from there, copy the below items back to SellerChamp:

  • Copy the Seller ID

  • MWS Auth Token

Next, click on the Add Account button

You'll now arrive on the SellerChamp Amazon account default settings page.

Account Nickname: Give your Amazon account a name within SellerChamp

Seller ID & MWS Auth Token: This should be automatically filled from the details you had entered in the previous step

Handling Time (in days): The number of days required to fulfill the order. This applies to Amazon seller fulfilled / FBM items

SKU Prefix: If you enter a SKU prefix here, going forward, every item that you list using SellerChamp will have this value before the SKU

Auto-generate SKUs:

  • Yes: SellerChamp will automatically generate a SKU for your new item within the manifest

  • No: The SKU section will remain blank whenever a new item is added within a SellerChamp manifest

  • Custom SKU: Let us know your customer SKU sequence and we will set it up

Max. Quantity to List: Use this option to regulate how many items you'd like to list

Reserve Quantity: This option is used usually to avoid overselling of fast selling items. if used, the items within your marketplace will become inactive as soon as it reaches the reserve quantity.

Primary Ship-from Address: Enter an address for FBM items and FBA shipments

Default Cost Price:

  • % of start price (retail price)

  • $

Default Product Tax Code: Enter the tax code that is setup within Amazon seller central that you will want SellerChamp to use for your items going forward. Make sure the name is typed exactly how it is within Amazon seller central

Default Shipping Template: Enter the Amazon shipping template that you'd want SellerChamp to use for the items going forward. The name of the template should be exactly the way it is on Amazon seller central

Avoid FBA locations: Enter the Amazon fulfillment center code(s) that you want SellerChamp to ignore while preparing your FBA shipments. SellerChamp will try to ignore these locations, however, this option will be over written if Amazon suggests no other location available

Enable business pricing: Option to offer exclusive business prices to other businesses making purchases through your listing. You'll also have to sign up with the business plan.

Enable business pricing: Offer business prices to your business customers

Require Item Locations: SellerChamp will prompt you to enter an item location whenever you add an item into a marketplace manifest

Display Shipment Plans: This option will display all available Amazon warehouses as soon as you add them to the Amazon SellerChamp manifest

Warn me when I try to list items known to cause copyright complaints: Check the item if it is within the SellerChamp restricted products list

Show Item Condition Remarks when scanning items: Turning on this feature display these condition remarks within the item description

  • Item Remarks: Remarks for items as per condition

  • + Add Another: Add a new item condition and remarks to be applied for that condition

Thank you Message: This will print a thank you message on your FBA order packaging slip

Click on the Save Changes button once complete

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