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Create A FBA Shipment SellerChamp Manifest.

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Amazon has one of the most advanced fulfillment networks in the world.

With Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), items can be sent over to Amazon warehouses across the continent. Therefore, when you receive an order for an item, they will the ones who will be shipping it out to your customer(s).

Lets look at how to create an Amazon FBA shipment SellerChamp manifest.

Once you've arrived into your SellerChamp marketplace manifests page, and after you've clicked the + Add Manifest button, you'll be brought to the Add Manifest Settings page [Refer to image below].

Name: By default, the manifest name will be today's date. You can change it to what you like.

Ship From: The location address from where you'll be shipping your Amazon seller fulfilled items from.

Supplier: [optional] For your records, you can associate the manifest to a supplier. Click here to learn more about managing suppliers.

Purchase Order Number: [optional] Along with the supplier name, you can also add a purchase order number.

SKU Prefix: If you have a SKU prefix assigned within your SellerChamp eBay default account settings, it will auto populate here.
You can either leave it as is or change it specifically for this manifest, but you cannot leave it blank (since default value will automatically populate).

Fulfillment Channel: Since this manifest will contain items that will be seller fulfilled it is important to have the I want Amazon to ship and provide customer service for my items if they sell (FBA) option selected.

FBA Shipments Workflow:

  • Add items to FBA Shipments as soon as I scan them: This option will display and allow you to select the shipping plan as soon as the item is scanned. In addition to that, the box content information will be generated automatically.

  • No, I will create FBA shipments after I've scanned all my item: Choose this option if you'd like to first scan all your items and then create shipping plans. This option is also useful when you need to check the items for FBA restrictions if you're creating shipments for items which you don't have physical access to.

Label & Prep:

  • I want Amazon to label and prep my items when possible: You can let Amazon to label and prep your items when possible, however it is a service chargeable by Amazon

  • I will label & prep my items: You can label and prep the items your self.

FBA labels:

  • Print for ALL items: Print labels for all of the items as soon as you scan them, which will include the expiration dates on some items.

  • Print if label required by FBA: Print only if required by Amazon FC

  • Do NOT auto-print FBA labels: Completely disable auto-print. Labels can still be printed once you've reach the label and pack screen of the FBA shipment SellerChamp manifest.

Auto-Upload Box Content:

  • Yes: Since SellerChamp will auto populate the box content information, our platform can also send the same details to Amazon

  • No, I will manually upload box content information: You can manually upload it on seller central, however this comes with an extra charge. Click here to learn more.

Click the Add Manifest button and you're done.

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