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My Amazon / eBay Has Been Suspended. Can I Relist On My New Account?
My Amazon / eBay Has Been Suspended. Can I Relist On My New Account?

Relist Items From SellerChamp To Your New/ Replaced Amazon/ eBay Account.

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The ability to manage your inventory through SellerChamp gives you complete control over your current marketplace(s) and new marketplace(s) in the future.

We're already aware about the fact that using SellerChamp, you can easily copy items from one marketplace to the other.

But what happens if your existing Amazon / eBay account gets locked / blocked from access? Would you be able to list the same items to your new Amazon / eBay account?


If for any reason, your Amazon/ eBay account gets banned, locked or you get kicked off from any one of the platform, SellerChamp does give you the ability list your existing items to your newly created account.

NOTE: This is only possible as long as:

  • You have not manually removed / deleted your listings on SellerChamp or on the marketplace

  • You have not removed OR reset your current (locked / blocked) marketplace on SellerChamp

Your Inventory is saved within SellerChamp.

For eBay we'll pull back items even after you've been suspended.
For Amazon, if your account is on suspension,our API access is also revoked so we wont be able to connect and pull back items, however, as long as the items are within the SellerChamp inventory, you can reuse those listings to submit to your newly created Amazon account.

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