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eBay Shipping Details

Setup Shipping Details Within Default eBay Settings Page And Templates.

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For new items that'll be listed using SellerChamp, items can use either:

Using eBay business policies

Toggle the switch to view and use your business policies for items listed using SellerChamp.

This is how your Shipping settings will look once you've selected your eBay business policies

Configure in SellerChamp

Toggle the switch to Configure in SellerChamp in order to setup new shipping settings for items that you'll be listing through SellerChamp.

Calculated - Cost varies by buyer location

Using the Calculated shipping - cost varies by buyer location method, on the basis of the shipping service you choose, eBay uses their shipping calculator to automatically calculate the shipping charge that a customer pays based on their location.

In SellerChamp, you'll choose the particular type of service you'd like offer for an item based on their weight. When buyers buy an item from your store, eBay will calculate the shipping cost automatically.

NOTE: Item weight and dimensions will be required for this feature to work.

You can also use the eBay Shipping Calculator to research what it might cost to send your item as per buyer location.

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