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Applying eBay Default / Template Settings In Bulk
Applying eBay Default / Template Settings In Bulk

Learn How To Apply Account / Template Settings To Your Active eBay Store Listings.

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After making changes to the following fields mentioned below, within your default eBay account settings OR within your eBay template:

  • Sales Tax Percentage

  • Handling time

  • Require immediate payment from buyers

  • Send Product MSRP to eBay

  • Default Template

  • Auto-list previously ended items

  • Item remarks - *condition*

  • Marketing Message

  • Thank you Message

Follow these steps in order to apply the changes to your active listings within your eBay store:

Step 1: Go into your SellerChamp account Settings

Step 2: Click on Marketplaces from the options on the right hand side menu options, and select eBay

Step 3: Directly across your eBay account, click on the Options button and from the drop down menu, select Edit

You'll now be brought to the SellerChamp Edit eBay Account page

You can make your changes here and Save them
If you've made changes within your eBay template which needs to be applied to your Active eBay store listing, move on to the next step

Step 4: Go into the More Options tab inside your Edit eBay Account settings page

Step 5: Click on the Submit All Product Revisions to eBay button

Step 6: Click on Yes to confirm

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