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eBay Listing Policies.

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How can I know which items are restricted or allowed on eBay?

Legal restrictions and eBay policies at times, restrict an eBay store owners from listing certain items under certain categories.

For compliance and legal reasons, some items or some items belonging to a certain category are completely banned from being listed.

It's difficult to be abreast with the list of items that are banned or restricted since this is a sort of list that keeps on updating on a regular basis.


How can SellerChamp help you from listing eBay restricted items?

Well, SellerChamp has a local server setup, connections with 3rd party servers and with the help of a network of users like ourselves, we're constantly updating the list of items that have had come back as being restricted on eBay.

When you submit your SellerChamp manifest to eBay, items that are restricted will automatically be declined.

To find out more about eBay's prohibited and restricted items, please click the button below.

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