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How Can I Sync Qty Without Displaying The Actual Qty Available?
How Can I Sync Qty Without Displaying The Actual Qty Available?

Prevent Displaying The Import From Marketplace Item Quantity Over The Import To Marketplace.

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Say you have setup your channel integrations between Import From marketplace 1 and Import To marketplace 2.

You do not want to display the actual quantity available, but still want the item quantity to remain synced across the marketplaces.

What to do?

Simple. Follow the below mentioned instructions.

Step 1: Within your Chanel Integration settings page, make sure to select the Quantity Available within the Fields to Sync option.

NOTE: If you have this option unchecked, your item quantities will not be synced in case of any sales or adjustments. Please make sure to always have it checked.

Step 2: Go within your SellerChamp marketplace default settings page.

Step 3: Scroll to the Max. Quantity to List option and set a quantity value that you'd like to list for the marketplace items.

NOTE: This option can also be used for new sellers (especially eBay) to limit them from listing quantity on the marketplace.

Save all the changes and you're done.

What'll happen now is that, going forward, if you have a quantity for the item on marketplace 1 as 10, you'll be able to show a quantity of 5 on marketplace 2 and still keep the item quantities synced across the Import From and Import To marketplaces.

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