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Easily Link And Unlink Your Listings Across Marketplaces
Easily Link And Unlink Your Listings Across Marketplaces

You Can Now Manage Your Listings Across Marketplaces From Your Inventory Page Itself.

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While remaining logged in to your current marketplace inventory page, you can quickly view a summary of all the other marketplaces and SKU(s) the current item is linked to or unlinked from.

This feature works regardless of your channel integration setup.
What we mean by this, is that the SKUs can be unlinked even if the channel integration exists.
However, channel integration will be required in order to link the items across your marketplaces.

Lets focus on the marketplace column within the inventory page.

By default you'll always find the current marketplace that the listing belongs to.

Following that, you'll find the Linked Products [green colored] tag.
This tag will display all the other SKU(s) and marketplace(s) the current SKU is linked to.

And at last, the Unlink Products [gray colored] tag.This displays all the SKU(s) and marketplaces that the current listing is not linked with (which used to be linked in the past).

Clicking on any one of the tag will display a pop-up with the list of SKU(s), Alt SKU(s) and marketplaces the current listing is linked and unlinked with

Clicking the Linked Products [green colored] tag will display a pop-up.

As seen in the screenshot below, within this pop-up, you'll find all the SKU(s) and all the marketplaces the item is linked to.

The summary will display everything that you need to know quickly.

Within this window, you'll also be able to unlink the listing by simlpy clicking the unlink button across.

Clicking the Unlinked Products [gray colored] tag will also display a pop-up.

Here you'll find what were the settings between the source product and the target product before it was unlinked.
The summary remains the same.

Within this window, you'll find a button to activate the link by simply clicking the Re-link button

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