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Repricers > Sales-based > Recurring Reprice Rules

Drop, Raise Or Set Prices Of Items On Specific Days At Specific Intervals.

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We've already discovered how powerful the SellerChamp Intelligent Repricer is. Now we'll see another feature of the repricer, which can be setup to work when you want and how you want it.

Lets begin.

Step 1: Click on the Recurring Reprice Rules

Step 2: Click on the + Add Another button.

Lets look at everything from this screen.

1.Select Items:

  • All Items: Apply the recurring pricing rules to all items within the marketplace.

  • Specific Item: Apply these rules to a specific item only within the marketplace.

  • Upload items: Use a .csv file to upload the items to which you'd like to apply the recurring repricer rules.

2. Repricer Rule:

  • Increase | Decrease Percent: Select the percent at which you'd like the prices to either increase or decrease from the starting price.

  • Set Price: Set a fixed price for the item at the time you will choose below.

3. Run at: Choose the day when would you like this repricer to run and the time of the day you'd like to run it at. The time will be the local time you follow while accessing SellerChamp.

4. Frequency: After you've chosen the date when you'd like to activate the recurring repricer, you can choose how often you'd like to run it. You can choose from Once, Daily, Weekly and Monthly.

Once the Recurring repricer rules have been set, click on the Save Rule button to save the changes.

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