After you've modified your eBay shipping policies [whether within the default eBay account settings or within the custom template shipping policies], it's now time to apply the new shipping rules to everything that you'll be submitting from here on wards and also to the existing listings within your marketplace.

Step 1: Go into your account Settings
Step 2: From the list of options on the left hand menu, under Marketplaces, choose eBay
Step 3: Directly across your eBay store, click the Options button and from the drop down menu select Edit

You'll now be brought to the Edit eBay Account page where you'll be defining your default eBay store settings.

Step 4: Go into the More Options tab
Step 5: Click the Reset Shipping Settings button and confirm your action

Wait 20 - 30 minutes for the changes to be applied to your eBay listings within SellerChamp

Step 6: Click the Submit All Product Revisions to eBay button and confirm and confirm your action

Wait about 20 - 30 minutes for the changes to apply to your Active eBay store listings.

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