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Listing Variations Across Amazon and eBay
Listing Variations Across Amazon and eBay

Learn To Copy And Sync Variations From Amazon To eBay.

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In this article, we'll be learning how to sync variations between Amazon and eBay.

Every variation has it's own UPC, which means that the parent along with the children has their own independent UPC.

Copying variations from eBay on Amazon is a little tough, because not only do variations have their own UPC, but Amazon variations have their own ASIN as well.

With SellerChamp, you can still do though. You can still list and sync your variations across Amazon and eBay.

Copying variation from eBay to Amazon

As we've discussed above, Amazon has its own ASIN for every UPC.

Now, within SellerChamp, while copying the parent SKU along with their variations, from your eBay store inventory to your Amazon manifest, you'll encounter a few roadblocks.

Although you can individually add and submit variation UPC, inside an Amazon manifest, it gets troublesome while trying to copy a parent SKU from eBay to an Amazon manifest, and then creating variations.

The UPCs for variations will not automatically populate for the children's SKUs. For this, you'll have to manually enter the UPC and ASIN for each variation within the Amazon manifest.

Copy variation from Amazon to eBay or other marketplaces [Recommended]

In order to list variations and sync their quantities, we recommend you first list the parent and their variations on Amazon and then copy them to an eBay manifest within SellerChamp.

It is much easier, and everything is automatically populated within the SellerChamp eBay store manifest.

Here's what you'll do:

Step 1: Copy the parent listing from Amazon into an eBay manifest.
Step 2: Once the parent SKU/ UPC/ ASIN is inside your eBay manifest, go into More Actions and select the Populate Variations option.

SellerChamp will immediately create eBay variations within the same manifest, based on the ASINs and child ASINs on Amazon.

Before you submit the manifest to eBay, PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL THE SKUs MATCH.

Submit the manifest to eBay, and you're all done.

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