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Add New Channel Connection
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From the SellerChamp Channel Connections page, click on the + Add New Connection button to integrate your marketplaces.

Connect From: Choose the marketplace from where the items will be imported. You can only choose 1 marketplace to be the source.

Connect To: Select the destination marketplace(s) which will be in sync with the Import From marketplace. You can add multiple marketplace(s) as your destination.

Ship From (optional): You can choose the ship from address to be applied to your items when they are imported from the source marketplace to the destination marketplace.

Start Price (optional): Use this option to set a different start price for the items on the destination marketplace

Fields to Sync: Select the fields to have constantly in sync across your source marketplace and the destination. By default. the Quantity Available is always checked in order to make sure the quantity remains in sync across both the channels integrated.

Quantity Filter: This option is used in conjunction with Auto-imports. Items from the source marketplace will only be auto-imported if their quantity is equal to or greater than the value mentioned here.

Item Conditions: Only import items from the source which match the conditions selected.

Sync Inactive Items: Leave this option on to sync the items between the source and destination marketplace even though if the item is in an inactive status on any one of the marketplace.

NOTE: This rule does not apply to items in the Not Submitted status

Auto-import inventory: Every 24 hours, SellerChamp will check the source marketplace for new SKUs and bring them over into a manifest within the destination marketplace.

Auto-list after Import: Automatically list the items from the destination manifest after the auto import completes.

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