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What Is eBay Verified Rights Owner Program (VeRO)?
What Is eBay Verified Rights Owner Program (VeRO)?

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The Verified Right Owner (VeRO) program allows intellectual property (IP) owners and their designated representative to report on eBay listings that may infringe those rights.

There is no way to warn eBay store owners ahead of time, as it is not possible to be 100% certain about which items are a part of the VeRO program.

The brand-owner can file a complaint with eBay at anytime.

Does SellerChamp have a precautionary measure to alert its users about any items that might've been a VeRO violation in the past?

We're glad you asked. We absolutely do!

With the use of a shared database and collected information from users, we are able to check whether an item has been flagged as a VeRO in the past.

Although the information is not comprehensive, it is very helpful at times and can save you a ton of stress later on.

We always recommend using non-stock photos in order to avoid running into copyright issues altogether. You can do this either by:

  • Taking your photos using our mobile app, uploading photos from your computer

  • Browsing non-stock photos from the web.

Click here to learn more.

What can you do to help us and others?

We would sincerely appreciate it if you could forward us any such VeRO violated emails on
We'll add the item(s) to our existing list so that you or anyone else trying to add this item will be warned in the future.

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