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Copy Items To Another Manifest
Copy Items To Another Manifest

Copy Items From One Marketplace To Another From Your Inventory Page.

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Selecting your items from the inventory.

  • First method would be to manually select each item

  • Second method would be to simply use the drop down and choose all from the current page

In order to verify how many items have been selected, you can refer to the "select #" displayed within the inventory page [highlighted within the screenshot below].

In order to un-check the selected items, simply click on the "x" mark beside the "select #"  displayed [highlighted within the screenshot below].

Refer to the image below.

Once your items are selected

Click on the More Actions button and select last option which Copy To Another Manifest.

You'll now be displayed with a pop-up where you'll choose

  • Your target marketplace [Copy to Marketplace]

  • The manifest [Copy to Manifest] you'd like to store the items in.

If you've already created a manifest at the target marketplace, you can simply choose that from the drop down list
you can choose to Create New Manifest.

Note: Choosing to create a new manifest  will create a manifest with all your items within your "Channel Imports" folder on the target marketplace.

Keep Quantities Synced check box:

  • In order to have this box checked, and for this function to work, you'll need to have your channel integrations setup, across the 2 marketplaces.

  • If you don't want to sync the SKU between the marketplaces, uncheck this box. What we'll do is copy this same item to your target marketplace using a new SKU.

NOTE: What if you'd like to sync the quantity between the item, even though now it has different SKUs.
You can use our Alternate SKU feature to enable sync between them, as long as your channel integrations are setup.

Click the Submit button to confirm.

Later, switch to your target marketplace, navigate yourself into your manifest collection and click on the Channel Imports folder.

You'll find your newly created manifest with all the items that you'd copied from your source marketplace.

Make changes as necessary, and Submit the manifest to your target marketplace.

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