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Status Of Items Within Your Amazon FBA Manifest After Submission
Status Of Items Within Your Amazon FBA Manifest After Submission

What Happens To The Status Of The Items After The Amazon FBA Manifest Has Been Submitted?

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I submitted a manifest to Amazon. They're showing as Inactive in SellerChamp indicating that they are in my Amazon inventory but do not have quantity. However the items are not even in my Amazon Seller Central.
What's going on?


For an Amazon FBA manifests that has been submitted, it is okay if you've entered an incorrect quantity for the items.
It is because, Amazon will automatically enter the quantity after the items have been delivered to the FBA center.

Never the less, we would like to emphasize on the fact that you should always confirm the quantity of your items before submitting your manifest to Amazon.

About the status of the items within the Amazon FBA manifest that has been submitted.

Once the FBA manifest has been submitted, the quantities within the manifest will switch to Inactive till your items reach their designated FBA centers.
Once the Items reach the designated FBA center, and Amazon has verified the quantities, your items will be Active for sale on SellerChamp and Amazon Seller Central.

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