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List New Items From SellerChamp Using The Manifest
List New Items From SellerChamp Using The Manifest
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In retail business, a manifest contains all items for sale with information such as:

  • Item name

  • Description / features

  • Cost price

  • Weight and dimensions

  • Shipping details etc.

A SellerChamp marketplace manifest would be something similar.

The purpose of the manifest is to:

  • List new items

  • Import items across selling channels connected within SellerChamp

  • Creating Amazon shipments for new items and replenishing stock at the Amazon fulfillment center

Step 1: After logging into your SellerChamp account, from the home page, either click on:

  • Manifests from the top, or

  • View Manifests button

Step 2: Once on the Manifests home page, click on the + Add Manifest button to create a new marketplace manifest

Step 3: Once you have the manifest setup, you'll come to the page to add items to the manifest

To add an item to the manifest:

  • You can scan / enter the item UPC

  • Use an Amazon ASIN

  • Search for an item using the keyword(s)

  • Add an item manually

  • Upload a csv file

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