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Listing Items Between 2 eBay Accounts
Listing Items Between 2 eBay Accounts

Can You List Same Items Between 2 Separate eBay Accounts?

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eBay does not restrict online sellers from having more than one eBay selling account. Apart from having benefits of simultaneously managing multiple eBay accounts, there are eBay policies that sellers should be aware of, if you choose to maintain more than 1 account on eBay.

Advantages of setting up multiple eBay seller accounts.

Before we dive into the eBay policies about maintaining multiple eBay accounts, let quickly browse through the advantages of having more than 1 eBay selling account.

Organizing your items according to your stores

If you're a seller who deals with large amounts of different genre's of items, you can setup multiple eBay accounts in order to sell those items store wise rather than having everything in one store.
For example, if you deal with clothes, shoes and toys, you can setup an eBay account for each type of merchandise. This will help you stay organised with your incoming shipments, orders, locations etc.

Having a back up store

Having a back up store can be helpful for users to keep your business going in case one of the accounts receive too much negative reviews or your account is suspended for multiple VeRO violations or suspended for any other misunderstandings between you and eBay that you're trying to get sorted out.
In any of the above cases, having multiple accounts will ensure you're continuously selling online on eBay.

Buy using one account and sell using the other

Many people who sell on eBay also make purchases on eBay.
Having 2 separate accounts allow you to keep both your stores organised.

Whether you have one account or more, eBay expects users to manage each account effectively in order to meet the highest buyer and seller standards.
The below mentioned standards and rules are applicable to all eBay users (whether buyers or sellers):

  • Performance

  • Risk

  • Best practices

Policy for users having multiple eBay accounts:

Identification must be separate

Each eBay account must have a unique seller ID and email address

Cross selling is NOT permitted

eBay strictly forbids users from selling the same item across their two separate eBay accounts. Which means you cannot have the same listings sold on both your eBay accounts at the same time.

Multiple accounts are not a remedy for suspended accounts

Re-registering a new account in the hopes of getting back into business because of a previously suspended account is not really the best way to go.
This is why you should establish a second account before hand to avoid these kind of situations.
eBay's proprietary systems are efficient at linking related accounts with pending issues. Hence why it is highly recommended to get your issues with eBay resolved in case you're attempting to open a new eBay account.

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