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Adding Items Using FNSKU To An Amazon Manifest
Adding Items Using FNSKU To An Amazon Manifest

What is FNSKU And Can I Add The Item From Inventory Using The FNSKU?

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What is Amazon FNSKU?

FNSKU stands for Fulfillment Network SKU or Fulfillment Network Stock Keeping Unit.

As you already know, a SKU is a unique identifier assigned to each of your item within your marketplace. Therefore, no two different items within your entire inventory / marketplace can have the same SKU.

Similarly, Amazon assigns a FNSKU to each of your item (a.k.a. SKU) you list on Amazon.

Can SellerChamp add an item to a FBA shipment using the FNSKU?

After signing up with SellerChamp, click here, follow the steps to populate the FNSKU for your item and now, you can now use this FNSKU to add the item within the FBA shipment SellerChamp manifest.


For your existing item (which has a FNSKU) it has to be added at least once to a SellerChamp manifest (FBA shipment). Once you've added the item (in atleast one FBA shipment SellerChamp manifest), going forward, you'll be able to add the same item using the FNSKU every time.

NOTE: You will not be able to add your existing item using the FNSKU if:

  • You've not populated it within SellerChamp inventory

  • You've never before added the item to a FBA shipment SellerChamp manifest.

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