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Amazon Competitive Repricer
Amazon Competitive Repricer
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Reprice your Amazon items to compete for the buy box, against other sellers (FBA and FBM).

Go to the SellerChamp Settings page > Marketplaces > Amazon > Button with the 3 lines > Edit > Pricing Rules > Repricers > Click on the button with the pen

You'll arrive on a page where several questions with options will be displayed. Continue to answer all the options / questions

Type of Repricer: Select Competitive


Test Mode will reprice your items within SellerChamp but not push it to Amazon. This will give you a good opportunity to see how the SellerChamp Amazon buy box repricer works

Prime sellers can be FBA and FBM

FBA Offers means FBA + Prime Offers

Compete Against: FBA Offers - Selecting this option will compete only against prime sellers

For Amazon items with no Buy Box, SellerChamp will look for the lowest prime seller. If no prime seller, then the lowest priced seller (regardless prime, FBA or FBM)

Set Min and Max price at account level

Use the below rules to set the min and max price for all your marketplace items. You can also set the min and max price on the item level

Set your exceptions

Click on the Save Changes button.

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