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Create A Manifest With Items To Be Listed On eBay

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Lets look at how to create an eBay SellerChamp manifest.

There are a few ways to access your eBay manifests:

  • Method 1: click here

  • Method 2: Directly from your SellerChamp homepage, click the List Items on eBay tile

Once you've arrived into your SellerChamp marketplace manifests page, and after you've clicked the + Add Manifest button, you'll be brought to the Add Manifest Settings page [Refer to image below].

Name: By default, the manifest name will be today's date. You can change it to what you like.

Template: Select the template you want the items in this manifest use.

Ship From: The location address from where you'll be shipping your Amazon seller fulfilled items from.

Supplier: [optional] For your records, you can associate the manifest to a supplier. Click here to learn more about managing suppliers.

Purchase Order Number: [optional] Along with the supplier name, you can also add a purchase order number.

SKU Prefix: If you have a SKU prefix assigned within your SellerChamp eBay default account settings, it will auto populate here.
You can either leave it as is or change it specifically for this manifest, but you cannot leave it blank (since default value will automatically populate).

Product Data: You can either choose one of the following:

  • Prefill using Product Catalog

  • I will upload product data (title, description, etc)

Item Labels: You can choose to:

  • Print for ALL Items as and when you add them

  • I will print as needed

Click the Add Manifest button and you're done.

Adding Items To An eBay manifest.

As seen in the below image, your eBay manifest will look like so.

Select the Add New Items tab in order to add items to the manifest.

Select the item condition > add the quantity [optional] > add Item Location [optional] > Search for Item ID or Name using the following options below:

  • You can scan your item barcode

  • Manually enter the item UPC

  • ASIN

  • Bulk upload items using a .csv file: click here to learn more

That easy.

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