Adding A Supplier To The Manifest

Associating A Marketplace Manifest And It's Items With One Supplier.

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With SellerChamp you can efficiently manage your relationship with your business suppliers. This can allow you to better manage your inventory and future orders.

As you already know that using the manifest feature, you can list items to your marketplace with extreme flexibility and different combinations.

Here we'll focus on creating a manifest with items that are received from a specific supplier.


Follow the below instructions to add a supplier to your marketplace manifest.

While creating a new manifest on the manifest setup screen, you'll find a section where you can add the Supplier information.

Using the drop down, select your supplier from the list of existing suppliers.

If you have a new supplier OR the supplier is not within the existing list, click the add one link to quickly add a supplier to your list.

Once the supplier is add, you can optionally add a Purchase Order Number.

The add one supplier pop-up screen.

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