Adding Supplier(s) To Item Directly

Associating An Individual Item With Supplier(s).

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In addition to associating a supplier to the manifest, using SellerChamp you can manage supplier(s) to an individual item directly from the marketplace inventory page.

NOTE: In order to add a supplier(s) to a listing from the inventory page, the supplier(s) information has to exist in the suppliers list.

Follow the below instructions to manage supplier(s) to your listing from the inventory page.

Step 1: Find the listing in your inventory page

Step 2: Click on the Edit listing button (directly across the listing)

You'll now be displayed with the Update Item pop-up.

Step 3: Expand the Purchasing Details tab and within the Suppliers field locate the supplier field. Here you can add or remove supplier(s) for the item.

Once the supplier detail has been modified, click the Save Item button.

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