Your SellerChamp and Shopify connection becomes inactive mainly because of the incorrect Shopify store name.
It is the subdomain which you use to access your Shopify admin panel.
This is unique for your Shopify store.


Fix the hostname for your Shopify admin portal within the SellerChamp Shopify default account settings page.

Here's how:

Step 1: Go into your SellerChamp Settings page

Step 2: Locate your Shopify store under Marketplaces from the left hand menu options and go into Edit your Shopify default account settings page.

Step 3: Under the Edit Shopify Account page, locate the Store Name section. This where you will be required to edit your Shopify admin portal hostname.

Your Shopify store URL: https://www.<Hostname>

For Example, if the Shopify URL is:

The hostname in the above example is “SellerChamp“.

Note: Please do not add " https, www, myshopify " etc. within the Store Name field.

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