Manage Ship-from Addresses
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Please follow the below steps in order to navigate yourself to the manage Ship-from Addresses page.

Step 1: After you login to your SellerChamp account, from the home page itself, navigate into your SellerChamp account Settings page

Step 2: From the left hand menu options, click on Addresses

You will now see a list of existing ship-from address that are being used across SellerChamp.

Add a new ship-from address

Click on the + Add Address button and you'll find yourself on the form filling page, asking you to fill in details about your ship from address.

Edit / Delete existing ship-from address

Use any one of the action button:

  • Edit address (Icon with the pen) - Will allow admin to edit details of an existing address

  • Delete user (Icon with the trash can) - Will delete an existing address

The + Add Address button and Edit address action button will present the below screen. Here you will be asked to fill in / edit the following details:

  • Name of the ship-from address

  • Street address line 1

  • Street address line 2

  • City name

  • Country

  • State

  • Postal Code

Once the details have been entered, click on the Add Address button.

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