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Manually Create Variations
Manually Create Variations

Manually Create And Manage Variations.

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  • These steps will only apply to eBay, Shopify, and WooCommerce marketplaces.

  • Using this method, you'll have to manually create the Option values and Variation names.

  • For Amazon, you'll add the respective parent and variation listing ASINs

  • For Walmart, you'll have to create and setup variations directly on Walmart seller central as every parent and variation listing will have their own UPCs

Step 1: Add the item(s) into your SellerChamp manifest (eBay, Shopify, WooCommerce marketplace).

Step 2: Directly across the item, click on the Item Options button, and from the drop-down, select View/edit variations

This will display the add Variants pop-up.

Click on the Add variants link in order to manage variations.


Here you'll manually add variations for the listing.​


Refer to the image below in order to get an idea of how to add variant options, variant names, variants SKUs, prices, quantities, etc.​

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