Product IDs are used to help Walmart's systems identify the item you are selling, determine if the same item is sold elsewhere and establish variant groups across different Sellers.

There are four types of product IDs that Walmart accepts:

  • GTIN

Global Trade Item Number

General purpose, used worldwide

14 digits

  • UPC

Universal Product Code

General purpose, used primarily in United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand

12 digits

  • ISBN

International Standard Book Number

Paperback, Hardcover and Electronic Books

10 or 13 digits

  • ISSN

International Standard Serial Number

Newspapers, Journals, Magazines and Periodicals

8 digits

If you have a different type of product ID, you must convert it into one of these four types.

Check with the organization that manages your type of product ID to learn how to convert it into an acceptable type.

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