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Item Requirements To List On Walmart
Item Requirements To List On Walmart

Learn Everything About Listing On Walmart And Product IDs.

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What If My Item Doesn't Have A Product ID?

Where Can You Purchase A Product ID For Your Item If You Don't Have One?

Walmart requires that all items sold on have Product IDs.

If the item is something you have manufactured or produced, you may have to purchase a Product ID.

To learn more about product IDs, please review the information available at the GS-1 site.

You may choose to purchase a product ID from any organization that provides GS-1 certified IDs that suits your business needs.

Can I Submit Another Type Of Product ID?

Can I Use A MPN To List On Walmart?

Other code-based identifiers, like Manufacturer Part Number (MPN) and Model Number, are not universal.

For that reason, these can't be used for the Product ID attribute.

The Full Item Spec has MPN and Model Number as recommended, but not required, attributes.

SKUs are also not universal because they are used only within each Partner's catalog.

Can I Use Any GTIN / UPC / ISBN Number To Set Up An Item?

Only GS1-Certified GTIN / UPC / ISBN Can Be Used To List On Walmart.


You must use the GS1-Certified, valid and approved GTIN, UPC, or ISBN for your item. GS1 states that the following GTIN ranges are reserved and cannot be be used by Sellers for new items:

  • GTINS starting with 002 are used for items sold by weight, like fruit, and for items only used in warehouses and stores that are not sold to the public.

  • GTINS starting with 004 are used by companies internally for warehouse and store only purposes, manufacturer coupons, and store loyalty cards.

  • GTINS starting with 005 are used for manufacturer coupons and gift cards.

This applies to other variations of product IDs as well:

  • 14-digit GTINs starting with 002/004/005

  • 13-digit ISBN/EANs starting with 02/04/05

  • 12-digit UPCs starting with 2/4/5

What Product ID Do I Use For A Pack Or Case?

Listing Packs And Cases With Walmart.

Packs and cases should have their own unique Product IDs.

Don't use the Product ID of the individual items in the pack or case.

Use the Product ID that applies to the entire pack or case.

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