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Reprocess Amazon MCF Orders
Reprocess Amazon MCF Orders

Reprocess A MCF Order For A FBA Item.

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Although Amazon's MCF feature is an awesome way to ship FBA items that are sold across your other online marketplaces, there are times when Amazon fails to process the order due to 'n' amount of reasons.

One of the reason is displayed in the image below.

In the below case, the FBA item was ordered on Walmart, however the order failed to process because of the following:

  • Fulfillment Error: Item Is Missing Catalog Data - Click here to know more.

Once you've fixed the error on Amazon, follow the below instructions in order to reprocess the MCF order from SellerChamp.

Step 1: Navigate yourself to the SellerChamp Orders page and find the MCF order that failed to process.

Step 2: Within the order details, locate the Fulfillment By: option and click on the hyperlinked Amazon store name (refer to the image).

Clicking on it will display the Set Fulfillment Provider pop up window. Simply click on the Save button.

You're done!

NOTE: If you receive a message as below:


We were unable to create fulfillment orders with Amazon for the below order. You will need to fulfill it manually.

Error Message: This order is not updatable. Items in the order are already in working or completed shipments.

This means that Amazon has received your order and has started processing it. You can simply ignore it.

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