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Treat SellerChamp As The Master Inventory Management System
Treat SellerChamp As The Master Inventory Management System

During Inventory Mismatch, Push The SellerChamp Item Quantity To Your Respective Marketplace.

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If you have multiple marketplaces linked with SellerChamp, it is highly recommended to treat SellerChamp as the master during any inventory mismatches.

Why would you want to opt for this option?

Say you have an item listed across 4 marketplaces and the item sells on one of the marketplaces. Now, 3 of your marketplaces have been updated with the quantity reduction, however, the 4th marketplace has failed to accept the update and decreased in quantity listed, even after we made 5 attempts.

At this moment. the quantity for the item is up-to-date on SellerChamp. It has simply not been accepted by one of the marketplaces.

Therefore, the next time, SellerChamp has a midnight marketplace refresh or any sort of successful communication with the marketplace that failed to register the sale, SellerChamp will directly push the item quantity from the SellerChamp inventory to your respective marketplace.

Please follow the instructions in order to set SellerChamp as the master inventory management system.

Step 1: Go into your SellerChamp Settings

Step 2: From the options on the left menu go into Account Setup

Step 3: Check the box to Treat SellerChamp as the master during the inventory mismatch

Step 4: Click the Save Changes button.


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