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Walmart Item Setup Content Policies
Walmart Item Setup Content Policies

Need Help With Item Setup Content Policies?

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Creating listings for the Walmart marketplace is different compared to other online marketplaces.

Walmart sellers who do not adhere to their Item Setup Content Policies may experience delays, removal of item listings or possible suspension from Walmart marketplace.

Listing content policy

For the Walmart listing product name, item key features and item description, Do NOT include:

  • Information about yourself or your company

  • Any special characters (™, ½, @, ^, *, hearts or shapes)

  • Product retailer-specific information (special sales, guaranteed ship times)

  • Any sales information (shipping information, product cost, promotions, etc.)

  • Unproven, vague marketing phrases (#1 rated, best selling, high quality, etc.)

  • Product attributes (price, quality, weight, material, etc.)

  • Marketing phrases (#1 rated, best selling, high quality, etc.)

  • Any references to other marketplaces (sold on Amazon, sold on eBay, Alexa, etc.)

NOTE: Failure to abide by this policy may result in warnings, unpublishing of affected listings, or suspension (temporary or permanent).

Items that require approval

Items in the below mentioned categories require approval from Walmart before you can list them on Walmart.

NOTE: New brands or categories may be added at a future date


  • Fragrance

  • Luxury Brands

  • Software

  • Cell Phones and accessories

  • Halloween and selected seasonal items

  • Custom Content

Sellers may apply for approval to offer these categories and brands by contacting Partner Support using the categories: Items / Inventory > My item is unpublished.

NOTE: Include the list of the brands or items you wish to sell.

Some approvals are granted for specific brands or items within these categories.

Approval could be retracted if there is a legal claim related to these categories and other policy violations influence approval decision.


Unpublish message:

“Your item is violating the rules and regulations of your Retailer Agreement.

Please re-ingest your item to meet the standards outlined in the Retailer Agreement.”

Image Quality Standards

All item images

  • All listings must have at least two images

  • Must be in focus, professionally lit and photographed

  • Cannot show accessories that do not come with the item

  • Must not violate Walmart's Trust and Safety standards, especially to being offensive or obscene. NOTE: The image may violate these standards, even if the item itself does not (e.g., a CD with nudity on the album cover).

Primary product image

  • Background: seamless white (255/255/255 RGB)

  • Item view: frontal view

  • Do not use placeholder images

  • Do not use images containing additional graphics, illustrations, logos, watermarks, overlays or text

Additional background images

  • Background: may have the item in an appropriate setting or environment (e.g., a grill in a patio setting)

  • Item view: may have the item rotated

  • Do not use placeholder images

Item Type Guidelines

What is permitted to sell on Walmart marketplace


Single items can either be sold as one unit or multi-pack

NOTE: If selling a multi-pack item (e.g., pack of 6), use the Product ID that applies to the entire pack/case and NOT the Product ID for the individual item in the pack/case


Group of items that varies in size or color

  • Item with single variant: Option value limit of 100 variants only. For example: one towel with 100 different colors

  • Item with multi-variant options: Option value limit of 500 variants only. For example: pants with 25 sizes and 20 colors (25 * 20 = 500 option values)


Multiple items combined by sellers but is not made by one manufacturer.

  • Bundled items are not supported (i.e., items combined by sellers but are not made by the manufacturer directly)

  • Only set up a bundle if you have a unique Product ID for the bundle itself


Item that is assembled hardware of a tailored bundle

  • Must use the correct Product ID of the customized item to list on Walmart marketplace

Item Condition Guidelines


Item should be in pristine condition and packaging should meet the manufacturer requirements.


  • Item is restored to like-new condition.

  • Include the word “Refurbished” in the Product Name and Description fields

  • Supply a different UPC and/or GTIN for the Refurbished Item

  • Assign a different SKU number to the Refurbished Item

  • Adjust the Model Number for the Refurbished Item. For example, add RB to the model number. Item: APL_10997 Same item as refurbished: APL-10997RB


Items that are used are NOT permitted to sell on Walmart Marketplace

Click here to view examples with screenshots for Walmart listing Product Content Policy.

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