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Accidentally Added Boxes To Shipment(s), What To Do?
Accidentally Added Boxes To Shipment(s), What To Do?
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Customer did not realize that they had 3 Amazon shipments within 1 SellerChamp FBA manifest.

They were under the impression that the SellerChamp FBA manifest had only 2 shipments.

Therefore, they ended up adding the 2 boxes (which were supposed to be for shipment #3) to the shipment #1, as they were going to same location.

After the shipments was picked up by UPS they realized that the SellerChamp FBA manifest actually has 3 shipments and not 2.

Hence, they took the 2 added boxes (from shipment #1) and added them back to shipment #3.

They're now worried and hope that Amazon fulfillment center does not double their quantity for the items in the 2 boxes.

What happened here?

UPS picked up:

  • The total shipment with shipment #1 having those additional 2 boxes

  • Shipment #3 on Amazon shipments page also shows those 2 boxes in them


Now that the shipment was picked up by UPS with the 2 boxes in shipment #1, what we recommend is to simply let shipment #1 and shipment #3 have those 2 boxes in them.

Because the shipment item ASINs are in shipment #3, shipment #3 has to be kept in place.

Now, when Amazon gets the shipments, they will look at the items in the boxes and probably come back with "We don't find this item that you shipped in your shipment #1.

And for shipment #3 they will say we didn't find item that you were suppose to ship."

Keeping the boxes in both the shipments will allow you to tell Amazon what happened. If you delete the boxes from any one of the shipments, then there will be no proof.

What will Amazon do with my items and shipments?

Amazon will mark your shipment as reconcile needed.

Sellers will find this information under the Shipments section within Amazon seller central.

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