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Can I Submit 0 Quantity For Items?
Can I Submit 0 Quantity For Items?

Can I Submit A SellerChamp Manifest With Item Quantity As 0?

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A SellerChamp manifest with item(s) quantity as 0 cannot be submitted to any marketplace(s). All marketplace SellerChamp manifests that contain item(s) in it are required to have a quantity that is greater than 0.

Items that have a quantity equal to 0, will be ignored / voided and will not be submitted to your marketplace(s).

What if you want to submit a manifest with items that currently have a 0 quantity but then you will later update the quantity?

Once again, it is not possible to submit a marketplace SellerChamp manifest that have items with quantity 0

If in case you want to prepare the items and wait till you actually receive the actual quantity, what you can do is simply add those items to the marketplace SellerChamp manifest and leave them in a Not Listed status (Do not submit the manifest).

Once you have received the physical quantity, you can update the quantity and submit the SellerChamp manifest to it's marketplace.

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