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Manage Inventory After Sign Up
Manage Inventory After Sign Up

What Happens To My Existing Inventory After I Sign Up?

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After signing up with SellerChamp, you'll be dealing with 2 scenario's.

Scenario 1: Existing items

Scenario 2: New items

Lets take a look at both the scenarios in detail and understand how would you use our platform to manage your existing marketplace listings and submit new items to your marketplace(s).

Scenario 1: Existing items

As soon as you sign up with SellerChamp, your existing marketplace items will automatically populate within your SellerChamp inventory page. You can use the inventory filter options to check your item status.

For these items (existing marketplace items) you can directly manage them from the SellerChamp inventory page.

Scenario 2: New items

Our platform is designed in such a way that in order to submit new items to your online marketplace(s), you'll always have to first add them into a marketplace SellerChamp manifest.

New items that are added into your marketplace SellerChamp manifest will have the Not Listed status. This means that the item / manifest has never been submitted to the marketplace.

Simply add new items to the marketplace SellerChamp manifest and submit the manifest. Items will automatically update their statuses to Active.

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