SellerChamp Item Status

What Does Each Item Status Mean Within SellerChamp.

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Within the SellerChamp inventory page, use the filter options to search for items with respective statuses.

Items In SellerChamp will be in one of the 3 statuses:

  • Active

  • Inactive

  • Not Submitted


Active items are the live listings that:

  • Already exist on your online marketplace(s)

  • Have been submitted to the online marketplace(s) using a SellerChamp manifest,

These items are live and buyers can actually buy the item from your online store / website.


Inactive items are the items that are not selling or out of stock on your online marketplace.

You can easily activate them from the SellerChamp inventory page itself. Alternatively you can add them to a marketplace and list them.

Not Submitted

Items of this status will be found within your marketplace SellerChamp manifest. An item within this status means that they have not been listed / submitted to the respective marketplace.

You'll have to submit the manifest in order to activate these items.

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