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Add Your Calculated Etsy Shipping Profiles
Add Your Calculated Etsy Shipping Profiles

Manually Add Your Etsy Calculated Shipping Profiles Into SellerChamp.

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It has been a known issue that Etsy API has failed to transfer only the Calculated priced shipping profiles, from your Etsy Shop Manager into SellerChamp.

Your Fixed priced shipping profiles are immediately transferred and updated into SellerChamp, without any issues. It has only been an issue with transferring over the Calculated shipping policies from Etsy into SellerChamp.

Therefore, in order to resolve this issue, we've designed an easy way to manually import your Etsy Calculated priced shipping policies into SellerChamp.

Here's how:

Step 1: Navigate yourself into your SellerChamp Etsy default marketplace settings page.

Step 2: Scroll to the Shipping Policy option on this page and click on the Manage hyperlink.

This will now display the Manage Shipping Policies window.

Here, you'll notice that the Fixed priced shipping policies have automatically been populated. You will however, not find your Calculated priced shipping profiles.

Therefore, continue to click the + Shipping Template button. On this screen, kindly enter the Etsy Calculated priced shipping policy template ID and give it a reference name within SellerChamp.

Once done, click on the Save Template button.

You'll now find the calculated priced shipping policy in the list with your fixed priced shipping policy.

Later, within your SellerChamp Etsy default marketplace settings page, under the Shipping Policy drop down you'll be able to select it as the default shipping policy to be applied to all your items that you'll be submitting to Etsy.

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