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Populate UPC For An Item
Populate UPC For An Item

Cannot View The UPC After Adding The Item To The SellerChamp Manifest.

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SellerChamp's intelligent platform will automatically add / update the UPC for an item when added to a SellerChamp marketplace manifest.

However sometimes the UPC might not be visible / might not have populated on the manifest main page.

It order to make it visible, simply revise the item.

Follow the below instructions to do so.

Step 1: Within the manifest, click on the Edit listing icon (button with the pen in it)

This will now display the Update Item pop up

Step 2: Under the Product Details section, under the barcode section, you'll find the barcode for the item already existing

Step 3: Simply click on the Save or Save & Close button for the UPC will automatically populate on the main screen

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