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Bulk Uploading Variations Using a CSV File
Bulk Uploading Variations Using a CSV File

This article describes how to bulk upload your variations into the batch using a CSV file.

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There are three ways through which you create variations for your items:

  1. Automatically fetch them from Amazon to create on your other selling channels

  2. Manually create them one-by-one

  3. Bulk-upload them using a CSV file

Create a CSV file with the following column names (refer to the image below): You can also download the generic or category-specific template from the upload items modal inside the batch and use it to create variation listings. They will include the below headers.

  • SKU

  • Variant SKU

  • Quantity

  • Retail Price

  • Title/ASIN/UPC

  • Variant 1 Name

  • Variant 1 Value

  • Variant 2 Name (optional)

  • Variant 2 Value (optional)

  • Variant 3 Name (optional)

  • Variant 3 Value (optional)

  • Variant 4 Name (optional)

  • Variant 4 Value (optional)

  • Image URLs

Upload the file using the upload option inside the manifest.

Here is how the item in the batch will look after the file was uploaded:

Below is an image demonstrating how the columns map to the various variant fields:

NOTE: If there is no valid ASIN or UPC provided, then the Title is a must to successfully create a listing via

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