List An Item As A Lot

Setup Your Item To Sell As A Lot.

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This article will show how to list an item only as a lot.

For example: If you have a lot of bottles that sell as 5 together, and you have a total of 5, this means you have 5 lots of 5


  • These instructions cannot be used for Amazon and Walmart items. Amazon will have it's own ASIN which sells as a lot and Walmart will have it's own UPC

Please follow the below instructions in order to setup your lot:

Step 1: Once the item has been added to the manifest, click on the Edit listing icon.

Step 2: Within the Update Item pop-up go into the Selling Details section and locate the option to Sell as lot. Enable it and enter a value for the lot. In this case I would like to sell the item as a lot of 5.

Step 3: Click the Save & Close button to save changes.

You will now see that the item has been setup to sell as a lot.

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