After connecting your marketplace with SellerChamp, past 7 days existing orders from the marketplace(s) will be brought into SellerChamp. All orders after that will automatically show in SellerChamp thereafter.

You can find your marketplace orders on the following screen:

From your home page, click on the Orders option on the top

As soon as you land on this page, SellerChamp will show you the orders that are Awaiting Shipment within the current marketplace.

From this page itself, you can search for all your orders across all the marketplaces. Here is how you do it.

Use the filter options.

You can use the below mention filter options to search through your orders:

  • SKU

  • Order Date range

  • Marketplace Account

  • Order Status

  • Any tags that were added to the orders

Select the date range.

Select order status

Creating a new marketplace order

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