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Calculating Dimensional Weight
Calculating Dimensional Weight

How Is The Dimensional Weight Calculated For Items?

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Dimensional Weight is a pricing structure that takes into account a package's box dimensions as well as the package weight.

This allows the shipping service to efficiently charge the retailer an economical shipping fee. This option has been introduced as we have a variety of different box sizes and package weights.

NOTE: Dimensional weight is always calculated on the package dimensions.

How does SellerChamp calculate the dimensional weight?

The dimensional weight is calculated by fetching the package dimensions and applying the below math:

Package length * width * height divided by 166


  • If the Dimensional Weight is less than 1728, then we would display the message as Does not apply instead of the actual Dimensional weight

  • If the package dimensions field is empty, then the system would fetch the length, width and height from the item dimensions field and compute the result

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