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Adding Images To Items Within The Manifest
Adding Images To Items Within The Manifest

Different Ways To Manage Images For Items.

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After adding the item to the SellerChamp marketplace manifest, you can add images to your items a couple of ways:

Upload / update product images through SellerChamp web based platform

When within your SellerChamp marketplace manifest, click on the image (section) for the item in order to open the Product Photos pop-up.

Within the Product Photos pop-up, you'll find the following options:

  • Upload Photos

  • Import Images

  • Populate Stock Photos

  • Browse the web

Upload Photos

This option will allow you to upload images for your items from your local computer (the computer you are currently logged in to SellerChamp with).

Import Images

You can import images for the item by either using a:

  • URL

  • Anther eBay marketplace item

NOTE: At the moment, SellerChamp is unable to fetch images for items using links from cloud storage applications / platforms.

Populate Stock Photos

SellerChamp will automatically populate images that is acquired from our data providers for items that have an ASIN and UPC.

NOTE: It is okay to use stock images for your listings but not preferable, as claiming intellectual property can happen anytime. It is always a good practice to upload your own images to your items.

Browse the web

Browse the web option will search the internet using the keywords from your listing title and present you with options.

You can select images that are relevant to your listings and save them.

The images that are presented are resized to meet the selling channel preferences.

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