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SellerChamp's Mobile App For Items In The Manifest
SellerChamp's Mobile App For Items In The Manifest

Use Our App To Upload And Update Item Images Within The Manifest.

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SellerChamp app is available with Android OS through the Google app store and iOS through the Apple app store.

Search for the keyword "SellerChamp" within the app store and you'll find our app.

NOTE: At the moment, the SellerChamp app is only used to click / upload item images to your items using your mobile / tab device.

This app cannot be used to scan barcodes.

Here is how you use the app to upload images to your items from the manifest.

Download the app, locate it on your phone and hit the SellerChamp icon as shown in the below image:

Complete the short tutorial:

Login to the SellerChamp mobile app using the same login credentials that you use to login to your SellerChamp web platform:

Select your marketplace:

Select the manifest folder where your manifest resides in:

Select your manifest:

Select the item from the manifest.

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