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Refetch Product Data

Refetch Product Data For Items With ASIN Within The Inventory.

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  • Item needs to have an ASIN

  • Item needs to have a buy box for the same condition


Refetch product data will update the following:

  • Title

  • Description

  • Features

  • Details

  • Retail price

  • Sales Rank

  • Item condition current price (buy box / lowest / average)

  • Item images (Populate Stock Photos)


Refetch Product Data for individual item

Click on the options button directly across the item to the right (the button with the 3 horizontal lines)

From the drop down select the Refetch Product Data option.

Refetch Product Data for bulk items

NOTE: Refetch Product Data for bulk items feature can only be run on 50 items (Select this page) at one time. It cannot be run for all the items within the inventory at the same time.

Select multiple items by clicking on check box to the left

Select individual items:

Select multiple items at the same time:

Confirm the total number of items selected

Go into More Actions and from the drop down, select Refetch Product Data

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